Association Management

Association ManagementHere at Cornerstone we understand that keeping your community “clean and green” is not the only thing that we are here to do. Any management company can focus on taking care of the nuts and bolts of management: landscaping, accounting, violations, and collections. While those are all vitally important functions performed by your management company, Cornerstone believes in going many steps further.

We believe that our Board Members and Homeowners are much more than just clients and account numbers – they are real people with names, families, jobs, and needs. Cornerstone is here to do its best to make association management as seamless as we can for the volunteers serving on the Board and the Homeowners living in their homes within the Association.

Our Mantra is:

“Do what is right, always, no matter what!”

In following this philosophy, we have reminded ourselves time and again, that good can triumph over evil (if you wait long enough). We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality management solutions possible.

We offer tailored management that suite your needs and desires, while always maintaining our promise of quality. Every Association is treated as individual. We do our utmost to follow legal requirements without forgetting that your Association’s governing documents are unique to your community.

Our services to Community Associations include:

  • Return all phone calls to Homeowners and Board Members in a timely manner
  • Licensed managers that are accessible and available
  • Inspections that are completed by a licensed manager
  • 24 hour emergency service
  • Provide financial reports to the Board of Directors
  • Correspond with Homeowners that are not in compliance
  • Regularly mail statements to homeowners with unpaid assessments or fines
  • Collect all revenues and disburse payments to vendors in accordance with the Board of Directors decisions and guidance
  • Monitor delinquency and work with Homeowners to bring accounts current
  • Initiate collections for delinquent accounts in accordance with the Association’s established policies and procedures and the Board’s guidance
  • Study and garner a real understanding of the Governing Documents of the Associaiton
  • Serve as the custodian of the Association’s records
  • Act as Resident Agent for the Association
  • Schedule and send appropriate notices for all meetings
  • Prepare, attend, and take minutes for Board Meetings and Annual Membership Meetings, including all executive sessions of the Board
  • Assist the Board in preparation of the annual budget
  • Obtain bids, award contracts, and manage vendors, in accordance with the Board of Directors decisions and guidance
  • Coordinate the preparation of CPA Audits, Reserve Studies and Tax Returns for the Association
  • Welcome new members to the community with an informative welcome packages

We are always open to customization of our contracted responsibilities, just ask…

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