Series 1 – The Cornerstone Community Association Management Difference

With my first series of Blog’s I have decided to tackle a few things about us, Cornerstone Community Association Management, Inc. (CCAM), and what makes us different. Yes, I know that may seem self-promoting, but that is because it is. I am not going to lie and say that I am not here to earn money and grow this company. Of course that is why I am here; indeed this is what makes our economy grow and how we all make a living. I am not ashamed to make money, nor should you be. However, I am going to tell you why CCAM stands out from the competition and why we are “a better kind management company.” I am not going to get too much into the details right now because this is kind of an introduction to the series, but I am going to introduce some ideas that I will discuss in much greater detail later on.

First you will notice that I said something about being “a better kind of Management Company.” For the last 8 years we have worked hard to build a culture that is all about “doing the right thing, always, no matter what.” Our culture is why our business cards have “Integrity, Professionalism, Dedication, Efficiency, and Communication” on the back of them; these are the characteristics that make the three-way relationship between a HOA management company, an HOA, and the homeowners therein, a great one. Our culture is why every single one of our marketing pieces and our proposals discuss quality, honesty, commitment, accuracy, and a positive attitude; these are the things we hold dear. These are also the things we hold each other accountable for.

“Did you just say you hold each other accountable?” Yes, yes I did; and before you ask, yes, that is also an admission of wrongdoing. I have made mistakes before, many of them in fact… more than I would like to discuss actually. I am also pleased to let you know that I am typically very quick to admit it when I have found myself to have exercised poor judgment or to have made an error (thankfully this happens at home more than at the office).   What I am saying is that no one is perfect, everyone makes poor decisions and mistakes. The difference is having someone to hold your feet to the fire when that happens. At CCAM we (with as much tact as is appropriate) tell each other when we may have made a wrong choice or when a mistake has occurred. This is how we learn and grow into better managers and provide better customer service – and let’s face it, customer service in this industry has seen better days. Here is to trying to make a change in that regard… Until next time,

Semper Fi, and God bless,

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  1. Beth Murphy says:

    I have lived in Silverado Trails for almost 6 years and the majority of the homes are occupied by renters. I have noticed that the HOA is not your regular HOA and there’s no accountability of how someone’s yard looks. For example, people park non-functioning cars either on the street for weeks until code enforcement takes their time to tow them away, park non-functioning cars in the dirt. No room for RVs, boats etc. Front yards not maintained and the list goes on. How are the actual homeowners/renters held accountable because this makes the neighborhood look like a blight area.

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