Community Management Shenanigans… Yikes!

Yikes! This is my first foray into the blogging world. As I make this journey please be patient with me. I hope to be a frequent blogger (if there is such a noun) and provide quality material worth reading. Please forgive me however, if I miss a week here or there. Time is an interesting thing that cannot be stopped and it sometimes gets away from me. Sadly, I was not given a pause button at birth nor was I issues one when I became a parent (I think it should come standard with your first born).

I promise that I will try to cover relevant topics that include living in a community association (HOA), being on the Board of Directors, being a manager, and the shenanigans that ensue every two years after the Nevada Legislature finishes their session (shenanigans, that is one of my favorite words – you will likely see it often because it is so diverse in its possible application). However, I may be guilty of run-on sentences form time to time that do not lack in punctuation, but seem to go on forever; this is because, sadly, I enjoy writing, and tend to get off-topic. I will try not to rant, rave, or push my opinions with too much veracity as I have learned that I am (cough – cough – choke) not always right.

So, with that I leave you (hopefully at least one person reads this – otherwise I am talking only to myself). I hope you had a fantastic Christmas and/or a great holiday season along with a bright new year.

– Darius Stewart, CAM

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